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Pyramids Chakra Crystals Set
What is in the Pyramids Box ?
  • Herb smudge bundle
  • Twisted candle with herbs "Money Energy Cleansing"
  • Abalone shell large (~4 in)
  • Mugwort moxa
  • Set of chakra pyramids stones (7 crystals)
  • Set of incense sticks "White sage" (6 sticks)
  • Incense wooden holder

Smudge bundle
All smudge bundles are handmade. All herbs were handpicked in ecologically clean areas of Bashkortostan, Russia in 2021. Each bundle is a unique herbal mix due to its handmade nature. You will get a random bundle.

What is smudging?
Smudging with herbs is a powerful way of clearing energy and space. It helps to cleanse mental dirt and create an atmosphere for spiritual practice and meditation.

How to smudge?
Hold the bundle by the base. Light up the end of a bundle, let it burn for 30 seconds. The tips of the leaves should smolder slowly, releasing thick smoke. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl or shell. When cleansing a person or a room, you can use a fan or a feather, directing smoke and making clockwise movements.

Herb composition:
  • Sagebrush cleanses and protects from negative, extraneous influences.
  • Motherwort opens up the subconscious in spiritual practices, promotes creativity, and balances heart energy.
  • Oregano is a very feminine herb. It enhances female charms, increases sexuality, and prolongs a woman's youth.
  • Sage cleanses from everyday stress and negativity. It helps to calm emotions, restore peace and harmony.
  • Linden blossom fills with light energy and balances out relationships.
  • Ledum is used to improve concentration and strengthen abilities during rituals.
  • Tansy gives confidence and self-love.

Twisted candle with herbs "Money Energy Cleansing"
The candle is designed to cleanse and heal you money energy. It removes blockages and negative programs. It will allow money channels to return to their normal state, and will make it possible to stream monetary opportunities in its full potential.

Each candle is hand-twisted in a special way. All the elements of the candles have a powerful intention. Selected herbs have complimentary nature and meant to reinforce your intention.

Composition: colored wax candles - yellow, black, green, sea salt, essential oils, collection of magical herbs.

Abalone shell
This seashell has a unique mother-of-pearl surface and is used as a bowl for rituals in where all 4 elements (earth, fire and water) can be combined. Such rituals are considered particularly powerful. The earth is symbolized by smudge bundle, herbs or wood, burning and decay - fire and air, and a seashell - water.

Abalone shell can also be used as a decor item, catchall, tray for your jewelry and crystals or as a holder for candles and incense.

Wormwood/Mugwort moxa
Designed for space cleansing and moxibustion. When burning, a cigar emits infrared waves that have a healing effect on special points and areas of the human body.

To clean the room, cut off a 3-5 cm (1-2 in) of the cigar, place it in a ceramic bowl or shell, light it up, wait for thick smoke and go around the room clockwise, paying special attention to the corners, let the wormwood piece burn out to the end.

Chakra stone set
According to ancient Indian knowledge, in our body there are seven active energy centers - chakras, each of which is responsible for a specific area of ​​human health and psychological state. If the work of a certain chakra is unbalanced, use the appropriate stones-biostimulants - they are applied to the energy center, held in the hands during meditation, worn as jewelry, kept in the house or put in drinking water to charge it with its energy. 

Pyramid-shaped crystals are especially powerful. The base of the pyramid is the earth, its edges are fire and the divine principle of creation, the sharp top is the highest point of development, striving upward and connection with the cosmos.

Take a calm and relaxing position, take one or more minerals in your hands, feel how they respond.

  • 1 chakra - red jasper
  • 2 chakra - aventurine
  • 3 chakra - topaz
  • 4 chakra - green aventurine
  • 5 chakra - lapis lazuli
  • 6 chakra - amethyst
  • 7 chakra - clear quartz

White sage incense and incense stand
Ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere, aromatherapy and immersive meditation.

Box size
25 см x 20 см x 6 см
9.8 in x 7.9 in x 2.4 in

The boxes are made of craft cardboard. It is one of the most durable and sustainable materials. The texture of each box is unique and my differ from pictures. Colors may differ depending on the color settings of your screen.

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