6 Mindful Meditations To Do At The Beach

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When you’re at the beach, there’s no better place to relax and clear your mind than right where you are – no matter how sandy or rocky it may be. The peaceful sound of the waves and the scenic sight of the sea view cottages add to the calming atmosphere.

With that in mind, meditating while you’re at the beach can be an extremely rewarding experience that allows you to unwind from your day-to-day stressors, de-stress from your work, and come back to joy.

Here are six mindfulness meditations you can do at the beach (and in fact most anywhere else).

2 Minute Breathing Exercise
Try a 2-minute breathing exercise by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, and taking 4 deep breaths in and out. This can help clear your mind before meditating further.

It also helps break you from your normal breathing pattern, which can make it easier to concentrate on each individual breath.

Breathe in through your nose for two seconds and hold for two seconds, then exhale through your mouth for four seconds and hold for four seconds. Repeat until finished.

6 Mindful Meditations To Do At The Beach
Savasana - Corpse Pose
Lay on your back and relax your entire body, beginning with your feet. Focus on letting all tension leave your body and feel as though you’re floating.

Breathe slowly in through your nose, hold for a moment or two, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Let yourself become relaxed and drift away from thoughts of work or anything else weighing on you as you practice mindful relaxation.

Savasana can help you find inner peace in even the most distracting environments—including beaches!

Just remember to be careful not to fall asleep when you’re meditating; it is possible, but make sure not to do so if there are dangerous situations around you that could put you in danger if you doze off.
Body Scan Mindful Meditation At The Beach
Focus on your breathing by pausing when you’re sitting in a crowded place, or simply closing your eyes for three seconds. Make sure you focus all of your attention on every inhale and exhale.

If you start thinking about anything else, notice it and bring your attention back to breathing. This meditation can increase self-awareness and reduce stress levels. Try it before a workout session for maximum effectiveness!

Body Scan
It’s not hard to get swept up in thoughts and feelings when you’re enjoying a day at the beach. But, if you can make time for a body scan meditation, it will help you disconnect from these distractions, quiet your mind and enjoy more of what’s happening right now in your life.

Here’s how to do it:
Find a place on your beach blanket where you can sit comfortably with good posture. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. As you inhale, feel yourself filling up with air; as you exhale, feel all that air leaving your body.

Now, bring your attention to each part of your body one by one—starting with your toes and moving up through every muscle group until you reach your head.

Notice any sensations or aches, but don’t judge them or try to change them. Just observe them and then return to focusing on each breath as it enters and leaves your body.
Metta Bhavana Loving Kindness Meditation At The Beach
Mantra Meditation
Sit with your eyes closed and pick a mantra you like. It can be anything from I am strong to I am limitless.

To start, rhythmically repeat your mantra for one minute—don’t try to change your breath or make it longer or shorter, just focus on saying it out loud as many times as you can.

When you’re done, take note of how that felt. Did you get distracted? Did it feel good? Now, set an alarm for five minutes and do another round. Once again, don’t worry about doing it perfectly; simply notice what comes up during your practice.

Metta Bhavana - Loving Kindness Meditation
Loving Kindness Meditation is a Buddhist practice that cultivates unconditional love and goodwill. It’s also one of my favorites! This meditation has helped me cultivate a genuine sense of love and affection for myself, my friends, my family, and even strangers on public transportation.

There are countless benefits to loving kindness meditation, but one of my favorite things about it is how quickly it can help you feel better when you’re feeling down or depressed. Try it out sometime when you need an instant mood boost!
Beach is a perfect place for meditating and hosting spiritual events as the sound of crashing waves and salty air fill your senses and help relax and cultivate inner peace.

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