Why It Makes Sense To Practice A Retreat Online
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With the pandemic driving life online, virtual retreat programs have been becoming more and more popular. But these programs deal with very delicate personal, emotional issues. So, many people are rather dubious about online retreats being efficient.

In this article, we will tell you why it makes sense to practice a retreat online. You will also learn how to choose a virtual retreat program that best fits your needs and preferences.

5 Reasons To Practice An Online Retreat
Have you always been skeptical about virtual retreats and are not sure if it makes sense to practice a retreat online? Here are five reasons why you should.
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1. You Can Practice Online Retreats from Anywhere

With lockdowns being a casual thing for the past two years, everything online has been gaining wide popularity, including retreats.

The best part about online retreats is that you don’t have to travel. While traveling is great, we don’t always have the luxury of taking a break from work, studying, and our everyday chores.

You can practice online retreats from the comfort of your own home. We recommend creating a special space in the house for your retreat practices. Alternatively, you can make some minor changes in your room to transform it into your ultimate retreat spot. Remove distractions, add candles, a yoga mat, cozy blankets, etc.

If for any reason you are unable to practice the retreat at home, do it from anywhere where you feel calm and ready.
2. You Do It at Your Own Pace

One of the main reasons why it makes sense for most people to practice a retreat online is the opportunity to do it at their own pace.

With in-person retreat programs, you have to adjust to specific dates and stick to a certain schedule. For travel retreats, you also have to pause everything work and study-related.

For online retreats like, you sign up for the retreat and practice it at your own pace while following the recommendations provided to you.

And what’s important, you may have access to the materials for a set period of time. This doesn’t put any pressure on you. But it helps you decide how to manage your time to be able to complete the program within the given timeframe.
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With online retreats, you become a creator of your own experience. Not only do you decide when, where, and how to practice it, but also you get to choose who to share this journey with.

You can go through your retreat by yourself for a more introverted experience. Or practice as a couple or even invite your friends over and connect to your loved ones through mindfulness activities.
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3. Online Retreats Are More Affordable

Online retreat programs tend to be a lot more affordable compared to their in-person counterparts. To attend certain retreat programs, you even need to travel. This largely affects the overall cost of the experience.

Given the more affordable price, a good online retreat can still be highly efficient. Aside from the materials, guided meditations and practices you get access to, you also get to know experienced coaches and healers who share with you their valuable knowledge and insights.

4. You Learn About Your Preferences

Taking part in an online retreat program that is composed of different practices and tools is a great way to learn about your preferences.

As an example, the online retreat includes mindfulness practices and guided meditations along with such effective tools as cosmic breathwork, guided journaling, sound healing, dance therapy, etc.

If you have never tried a yoga retreat before, you obviously don’t know how you feel about it. So, signing up for one may not be effective. The same goes for other practices and tools.

Choosing a retreat program that uses an effective combination of various practices will allow you to learn about your preferences. This will help you to find out if there is a specific practice you find to be more efficient for you or if you do better by combining a few of them.

woman burning palo santo during her yoga and meditation practices. Learn your meditation preferences.
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5. It Has All the Benefits of an Offline Retreat

In addition to all the benefits stated above, let’s not forget that an online retreat can be just as efficient as an in-person one.

So long as you have set the right intentions and have been putting conscious effort into your practices, you can expect multiple life-changing benefits from an online retreat.

First and foremost, you will reach a higher level of self-awareness, and understand your true self.

Secondly, you will learn how to deal with pain. When you know where it comes from and what causes it, you are able to handle emotional pain and protect yourself from more trauma.
An online retreat also helps reduce anxiety and stress. Calming practices like restorative yoga, sound healing, and cosmic breathwork are excellent ways to reduce stress levels and achieve a state of harmony. And the good thing is, you only need to learn about these tools once. You can continue practicing them even when your retreat program is over.

And last but not least, taking part in a virtual retreat program will provide you with new perspectives on life, your lifestyle, and mindfulness in general. This creates a perfect ground for you to start a new chapter in life. A new chapter with less stress and anxiety and more harmony and peace.
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What to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Retreat Program?

So, online retreats have multiple benefits. However, a retreat program will do you good only if you choose it considering your needs and preferences. Similar to a regular retreat, there are several things you should decide on before you sign up for a virtual retreat program.

First off, determine your expectations and see if it coincides with what the program says you will walk away with. It’s always helpful to start a retreat with a clear understanding of how you want it to improve your life.

The second consideration is closely interconnected with the first one. You need to learn about the practices and tools the online retreat program offers.
Lastly, consider the time and schedule of the retreat. Some online retreats may have a set schedule while others, similar to, are self-paced. Also, learn how long the retreat lasts. With online retreats, you still can take care of your daily tasks. However, you will need to change your routine and make sure you allocate the needed amount of time for the program.

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