The Ultimate Happiness Formula: 8 Things You Need To Know To Be Happy

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The pursuit of happiness - it's a familiar phrase that many of us have heard and, perhaps, misunderstood. We often imagine happiness as a tangible end goal, something we can reach out, seize, and hold onto. However, this idea can lead us actually away from happiness, as it lures us into the endless pursuit of seeking short-time pleasures and instant gratifications.

Instead, let's consider happiness not the destination but the enriching byproduct of leading a life full of purpose and meaning. It's easier said than done, of course, because knowing where to start can be confusing. Therefore, I want to share with you an alternative route to happiness. One that may not be lined with constant sunshine and rainbows, but it will undoubtedly lead you to a more profound, long-lasting sense of contentment.

8 Things You Need To Know For Achieving Happiness
8 Things You Need To Know For Achieving Happiness:

1. Do Not Chase Happiness
We should rather chase purpose. Happiness will follow. If we make “being happy” our goal, we will be prone to chase short-time pleasure and positive emotions. The problem is that short-term positive emotions won’t necessarily lead to long-term positive emotions. At the same time, we might run away from things that will produce negative emotions. But experiencing negative emotions does not necessarily lead to long-term unhappiness. Quiet the contrary. They are necessary in order to experience positive emotions. It is important to think about long-term happiness rather than short-term pleasure. Long-term happiness will come when we delay gratification, meaning when we voluntarily suffer in the present to get gratification later. We should work towards Something meaningful FOR US. Sometimes, we will experience frustration, self-doubt, and other negative emotions. But in the long term, the pursuit of meaning will lead to happiness. That involves working hard, being uncomfortable, and sacrificing short-term pleasure.

2. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Nobody ever got happy by always doing things that feel comfortable. Feeling uncomfortable should be embraced because it means we are doing something new and that we are growing. That means we must try different jobs, hobbies, travel, and explore our strengths. This won't be easy, but finding purpose and, therefore, happiness is necessary. It doesn't have to be anything bug, though. Personally, I developed a routine of stepping into an ice bath or cold shower first thing in the morning - meaning that I make myself uncomfortable from the start of the day - leaving me with a sense of accomplishment and confidence for the rest of the day.

Ice Bath
3. Work Towards A Goal
Happiness will come when we are working towards a goal. It is actually the pursuit of a meaningful goal that will make us happy in the long term, not the achievement of a goal. When we achieve a goal, we will celebrate it for a bit, and then it will become normal to us, and the happy state will go away. That means that we always have to work towards Something which is meaningful to us, something we care about. And that might not be the thing everybody else cares about.

4. Be Comfortable With Change
Nothing will stay the same. Change is inevitable in life. It will always change, and we spend too much time resisting it. In order to be happy, we need to embrace change, welcome it into our life, and take on these new challenges.

5. Think About Death
I must confess, thinking that we will all die doesn’t sound like a good strategy for happiness… But I don’t believe we would be happy if we would never die. Death is motivation. Death is what makes life precious. Thinking about death gives us the urge to find purpose. It motivates us to think about what we want to do before we die. It will make us feel grateful for what we have and keep us from doing things that will not serve us in the long term. Thinking frequently about the fact that we will die will give us an urgency to be active and pursue living the life we want.
Be physically active
6. Be Physically Active
Everybody talks about it - Moving your body. Working out. Doing sports. No matter how much we talk about the fact that we need to exercise, many people still don’t do it. Stop right there if you think you can get away without being physically active. This is non-negotiable. It should be seen as important as brushing your teeth (I hope you are brushing your teeth). WE NEED TO MOVE OUR BODIES. Our bodies are designed to move, if we don’t move our body sufficiently, we will be more prone to mental and physical sickness. Working out is a way to strengthen us physically, but even more importantly, it will strengthen us mentally. Sometimes I stress, have anxiety, and I am depressed, then I go to the gym, and everything is fine again. It is a powerful drug… Just try breaking a sweat every day for a month, and you will see. You will feel substantially happier.

7. Practice Being Present
Stop. Just stop what you are doing. Look around you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? Embrace the fact that you are sitting on this beautiful planet spinning in an infinite universe. Cultivating a habit of embracing the present moment, being aware of our surroundings, and being grateful for what we have will ground us and makes us more appreciative of life. You could invite this feeling into your home by practicing the KonMarie Method, which requires you to gather all like items together, touch each and everyone, and see if they “spark joy.” (I know, sounds crazy, but her show on Netflix shows how it can transform homes and make them more joyful, intentional places for people to live.) Once you create a home filled with things that only spark joy, you can be much more present with the items you do keep.

8. Close Relationships
We are social creatures. We need people we love around us. This does not mean always having people around you. It means having the right people around you. Do you have them? Good. Tell them you love them. Appreciate them, support them, and be honest with them. You don’t have them? Focus on points 1–7, and you will get them.
Wrapping Up
I've shared this list of points with you because I try to live them every day. These principles are close to my heart, guiding me through life. I revisit these points frequently, they're my personal compass to steer me in the right direction.

Remember, happiness is not exclusive; it's not reserved for a lucky few. Everyone can reach it. The key lies not in the dogged pursuit of happiness itself but in focusing on the elements that bring fulfillment to our lives. Use this list as a guide, apply its wisdom, and you'll find that happiness isn't something you need to chase after. Instead, it'll follow you on your journey toward a life of purpose and meaning.
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