Vibrations And Frequencies: How To Raise Your Vibrations For A Happier Life
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If you have just started to get into spirituality, you have most likely come across such terms as vibrations and frequencies. You surely know the general meanings of these words. But what do they mean in spirituality?

In this article, we explain what are vibrations and frequencies, how they relate to our feelings and emotions, how to raise your vibrations, and more.

‘Everything In Life Is Vibration’

‘Everything in life is vibration.’ What did Albert Einstein mean by this?

Many of us hated physics when we were in school and didn’t care to understand the science behind substances and their properties.

But there is one thing that many people remember even if they didn’t like physics – that everything is made of atoms. All things in the universe, whether they are in a solid, gas, or liquid state, are made of atoms.

Atoms are constantly in motion. Every atom is always receiving, emitting, or storing energy. The movement of atoms is called vibrations.

So, if everything in the world is made of atoms and all atoms are constantly vibrating, then everything in life is vibration.

Good Vibes And Bad Vibes: What Do They Really Mean?
Good Vibes And Bad Vibes: What Do They Really Mean?

A short name for vibrations is vibes. And while vibes has become a buzzword and people overuse it a lot, we often use it in the right context intuitively.

Good vibes, for example, is a phrase we use in everyday conversations and Instagram captions. But what does it really mean? If you use the word vibes often, you should definitely know what good vibes, bad vibes, and vibing/not vibing with someone really mean.

The thing is, our thoughts and emotions create vibrations. Aside from creating vibrations and sending them out into the world, we also receive and interpret vibrations created by the people and things around us. Depending on their thoughts and emotions, people create good and bad vibrations (vibes).

And when we say that we are vibing with someone or are on the same vibe with them, it means that we are creating thoughts and emotions with similar vibrations. This is the exact reason why most of us are surrounded by people with similar vibes be they negative or positive.
What Are Frequencies?
What Are Frequencies?

As noted above, atoms are constantly vibrating. Aside from vibrating in a certain direction, they also vibrate at a certain frequency. Frequencies are measured in hertz.

If atoms are vibrating faster, they create high-frequency vibrations. If they are vibrating slower, they create low-frequency vibrations.

Just like everything else in the universe, human bodies are made of atoms too. Thus, we all vibrate at certain frequencies. According to scientists, a healthy body vibrates at a frequency of 62 to 70 MHz.

Our frequency may drop due to various things – stress, suppressed emotions, bacteria, viruses, etc. And when it drops, we start to experience negative emotions and feelings. We are also more susceptible to various diseases when our bodies resonate at low frequencies.
The highest-vibration emotions that are at the top of the emotional scale are joy, empowerment, love, peace, and freedom.
The Vibration Scale Of Emotions

Every emotion we experience has a vibrational frequency. Negative emotions are low-frequency while positive emotions and feelings are high-frequency.

The vibrational scale of emotions is a scale that depicts commonly felt emotions and their vibrations. Such negative emotions fear, grief, guilt, and powerlessness are at the very bottom of the emotional scale as they have the lowest vibrations.

The highest-vibration emotions that are at the top of the emotional scale are joy, empowerment, love, peace, and freedom.

The emotion that is neutral and falls in the middle of the emotional scale is boredom.
The Vibration Scale Of Emotions
How To Raise Your Vibrations?

You may have heard people preach about raising their vibrations. Now that you know that low vibrations have a negative impact on your mental and physical health, you may consider doing it too.

How do you raise your vibrations and do you maintain a high vibrational frequency?

Before we tell you some ways to raise your vibrations, it is important for you to know that it is a step-by-step process. In order to experience the highest-vibration emotions when you are low on the emotional scale, you have to experience everything in between.

For example, joy and peace are very high on the vibrational scale of emotions. If you are experiencing fear or grief at the moment, it would be really hard for you to feel joyful and peaceful almost immediately. Instead, you can take some steps to raise your vibrations and feel hopefulness, acceptance, or neutrality.
Meditation is a great way to boost your vibrations.
Maintaining a high vibrational state is essentially the key to a happy and healthy life. Here are some ways to raise your vibrational energy.

1. Meditate
Meditation is a great way to boost your vibrations. It helps release negative emotions and focus on the good. Meditation helps reduce anxiety and stress which creates low vibrational energy that is dark and heavy.

Meditation brings you into a state of calmness. And peace is one of the highest-frequency emotions one can feel.

2. Declutter Your Place
You may have never thought of the fact that the clutter in your house creates low vibrational energy.

Clutter, i.e. items you never use and that don’t serve you anymore, creates stagnant energy. This energy interferes with the good high energy that may come into your life.
Practice Gratitude
3. Avoid Toxic People
When you are around people who emit negative vibes, you may take their negative energy as your own.

To avoid this, try not to be around negative people too much. But because this is not always something we can do in life, it is also important to learn how to recognize your feelings and not let anyone else’s bad energy affect you.
4. Practice Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the highest-frequency emotions. Practicing gratitude daily is an efficient way to raise your vibrational energy.

You can practice gratitude in different ways. You can start a gratitude journal, express gratitude to the people around you, or simply start your day by thinking of things you are grateful for.


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