Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Best Meditation And Mindfulness Gifts
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Choosing holiday gifts is not the easiest task. And if you want to put extra thought into your gifts and give mindful presents to your loved ones, finding the right holiday gifts may be even more tedious and time-consuming.

We have come up with the ultimate mindfulness holiday gift guide to help you give your family and friends gifts that will help them improve their quality of life, reduce stress and anxiety, and become more mindful overall. Here are 10 awesome gift ideas for any budget and taste.
Best Yoga And Meditation Gifts 2022
Choose Growth: A Workbook for Transcending Trauma, Fear, and Self-Doubt
What can be better than helping your loved ones become more mindful of their emotions and feelings?

The Choose Growth workbook is a tool to turn trauma, loss, and fear into healing power and new beginnings. Gifting your family member or friend a workbook that will motivate them to continue their self-growth journey is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat
A yoga mat is one of the most versatile and useful gifts you can get for a family member or friend. It comes in handy not only when doing yoga but also during meditation and home workouts.

If you are looking for a good mat, then this one by Alo Yoga is your best bet. It is made of all-natural rubber and has a luxurious matte finish. And the good thing is, it comes in a range of colors so you will find a mat to fit anyone’s taste.

n.o.w. Tone Therapy System
N.o.w. Tone Therapy System makes the perfect gift for anyone who believes in the power of sound healing. This system features two high-quality speakers that you can carry with you everywhere and listen to healing sounds and vibrations.

These sleek-looking speakers can help relieve stress and anxiety and bring your body and mind to a state of harmony. The sound healing sessions last as little as 3 minutes. Listening to these sounds two times a day is enough to achieve calmness and peace of mind.

Waverox Mind Tracker
Waverox is a unique mind-tracking device and wellness app powered by EEG technology. It displays a real-time visualization of your brain rhythms on the device screen, enabling you to understand your mental states effortlessly.

This innovative tech piece provides a calming experience, giving you the choice between a comfortable headband or sleek headphones. Waverox makes a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the harmonious blend of mindfulness and modern technology.
Best Meditation Gifts 2022
Florensi Meditation Cushion
Florensi meditation cushion is the perfect gift for anyone who meditates. This is a high-quality cushion with well-thought-out details.

Inspired by the Japanese Zen style, this minimalistic meditation cushion is very versatile. It is great not only for meditating but also traveling and doing yoga. As this cushion also helps relieve stress and lower back pain, it is also perfect for simply relaxing.

Florensi meditation cushion has a 100% buckwheat filling and a removable cover for easy washing. Due to these features, these cushions will last for years which means your gift will be appreciated for longer than you imagine!

Sovamedic Vedic Frequency Therapy Device
Sovamedic Vedic is another amazing device to gift for the holidays. This cool-looking device helps mitigate free radicals, stress, EMF, and 5G.

Sovamedic therapy devices can be put anywhere you like – in your house, office, school, etc. It helps create harmony in your place, lowers inflammation in the body, promotes better sleep and focus, creates structured water, and more.

FOM Yoga Chair
This Friends of Meditation yoga chair is an amazing holiday gift for anyone who is into meditation and yoga practices.

While this yoga chair has a high price tag, splurging on it is certainly worth it. It helps relieve back and leg pain. Unlike meditation cushions that don’t provide support for the back, a meditation chair does. So, consider buying it for someone who needs it.

Best Yoga Gifts 2022
Calm Yearly Subscription
If you are looking for a gift for someone who is far away from you, then gifting them a yearly subscription for Calm is a great idea. Calm is one best sleep and meditation apps. It has all the needed tools to help improve the quality of sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, etc.

Calm is good both for beginners and experts. You can gift a yearly Calm subscription to someone who is already practicing mindfulness as well as to people who are just embarking on a mindfulness journey.

Gravity Weighted Blanket
Gravity weighted blanket is the perfect gift for someone who is struggling with improving their quality of sleep.

This weighted blanket helps fall asleep faster and results in more restful sleep. Due to the evenly distributed glass beads, Gravity blankets use ‘deep pressure stimulation’ to reduce the stress hormone and create the feeling of being hugged.

Paired with sleep meditations and mindfulness practices, Gravity blankets can vastly improve your loved ones’ quality of sleep.

Prosperity Crystal Kit
Everyone has a friend who is obsessed with crystals. If you do too, then this crystal kit is what you should get for them.

This is a prosperity crystal kit that includes four crystals – quartz, carnelian, tiger’s eye, and pyrite. The kit also includes palo and sage. Each of these crystals has meaning and can be used in a variety of practices, including crystal healing, meditation, and other spiritual practices.
Enlighten Lavender Candle

Sometimes all you need is a single candle to make your meditation space cozy and help you relax. For someone who meditates, a candle is always a good idea.

Lavender-scented candles are one of the best candles to use for meditation as the lavender aroma helps focus and relax. If you are well aware of the scent preferences of your loved one, you can choose a candle from the holiday collection to awaken their holiday spirit and create a festive mood.

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