Screen Wisdom: Mindful Lessons Our Favourite TV Shows Teach Us

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Mindfulness is about being fully present and aware of your surroundings. It is a type of meditation that can be practiced in a variety of ways. You can practice mindfulness while eating, walking, exercising, breathing, etc. The key is paying full attention to what you are doing at the moment.

One of our favorite ways to relax is to watch TV shows. We keep re-watching the classics and binge-watch new shows that come out every month. But binge-watching shows and spending too many hours often leaves us feeling low and unproductive.
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Can You Watch TV Mindfully?
What if you want to become more mindful in your everyday actions? Should you quit watching TV and your favorite shows? Can you watch TV mindfully? The answer is both yes and no.

When watching TV, we become immersed in the show and may not even notice how much time we spend on the couch and what is going on around us. We become too carried away by the plot and the characters.

Mindfulness is about being present and conscious. If you can keep your presence while watching your favorite show, then you could consider it a mindfulness activity too. This means paying close attention to the visuals, the emotions you experience, and the text while still being aware of what you are watching.

So, you don’t have to give up on your favorite Tv shows. You just need to be more mindful when watching them.

Mindfulness Lessons From Tv Shows
Your mind may start wandering when watching TV. When this happens, bring your attention back to the TV and concentrate on what you are seeing and hearing, and what the episode makes you feel.
Once you start watching TV shows mindfully, you will understand so much more than you did when watching them just for the plot. TV shows do teach us some important life lessons that we may fail to notice due to watching all episodes in one day and not taking time to reflect on what we have just watched.

Here are some important life lessons we learn from popular TV shows when watching them mindfully.

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1. Wednesday (2022)
Wednesday, one of the most popular shows of 2022, seems to be pure entertainment, with a mysterious plot that keeps you immersed throughout all episodes. But there is actually a lot to learn from the iconic main character of Wednesday Addams.

Learn To Focus
Wednesday Addams is in a place she doesn’t want to be. But it happens so that Wednesday starts to investigate the murders at Nevermore Academy. Despite having nearly no friends and dealing with the love triangle she’s in, Wednesday never loses her focus and goes on with her investigation.

Stick To Your Schedule
While she is at the center of all events, Wednesday always finds time for her hobbies and passion, including writing novels, cello playing, and fencing. This is a great reminder for you to stick to your meditation schedule too.

Trust Yourself
Another great lesson to learn from Wednesday Addams is trusting yourself. She didn’t trust anyone at Nevermore first when she moves in. Wednesday’s self-trust helps her not to lose track of events even when she is all by herself.

Learning to trust yourself is actually a great mindfulness lesson. When practicing mindfulness, we learn to accept our thoughts and emotions without any judgment. As a result, mindfulness practices cultivate self-trust and improve our self-esteem.
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2. Friends (1994)
A comedy TV show that we keep getting back to whenever we need to watch something heart-warming and light-hearted. Despite being a comedy, Friends still teaches us some important mindfulness lessons.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change
This is a vital mindfulness lesson that Friends teaches us. We often perceive change as a threat. But change is not bad. It is what makes us evolve. If Rachel wasn’t afraid to run away from her wedding, then we shouldn’t be afraid of anything at all. All that happens happens for good, especially when we do it consciously.

Keep Trying
Everyone in Friends tried hard to achieve their dream job. This is a prime example then you should never give up on your goals. The same goes for meditating. Learning to be mindful may not be easy. You should keep trying and be consistent to see the results.
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3. Sex And The City (1998)
This is an amazing Tv show that covers stereotypes and a lot of relationship issues. And because this show is about four different women, mostly women keep re-watching it at different points in their lives. Here’s what this show teaches us.

Put Yourself First
Whenever you practice mindfulness, you put yourself first. Whether it’s in the form of mindful eating, self-care, or mindful TV-watching. This show teaches the importance of prioritizing yourself by depicting various life situations.

Slow Down
The show proves the importance of slowing down. Whether you are in a relationship or other another emotional period of your life, don’t forget to step back sometimes to give yourself time to feel the moment and not forget your inherent nature.
Final Thoughts
Embracing mindfulness within the realm of TV shows opens a unique avenue for enriching our leisure time. While binge-watching can sometimes leave us feeling detached, the concept of mindful TV viewing bridges the gap between entertainment and self-awareness. By intentionally immersing ourselves in the visuals, emotions, and lessons offered by our favorite shows, we can unlock a new level of mindful engagement. As we infuse mindfulness into our screen time, we transform passive viewing into a mindful practice, where every show becomes an opportunity to discover, reflect, and evolve.

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