7 Easy Steps To Your At-Home Meditation Retreat
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We all need a break at times. Some people leave the city for a day or two and some people go places to meditate and disconnect from the whole world. Can't fit a meditation retreat in Costa Rica or Bali into your busy schedule? You can arrange one yourself. Short but regular at-home retreats are just as effective.

When it comes to finding your inner peace consistency is the key and spending quality time with yourself can become your weekly habit. Your retreat can be short - for example, an hour or two on a Sunday morning, or longer - a few days (say, a weekend).

Your goal is to minimize any noise and distractions and listen to yourself, your inner voice, your heart. We have some tips for you to slow down and cultivate awareness at home.

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1. Set an intention

This is, perhaps, the hardest part. Anything you do becomes more powerful if you put your mind to it. Ask yourself what would you like to gain from this “me-time” and write it down. Be as specific as possible.

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2. Plan the time of your retreat

Put it in your calendar as a date with yourself. Set a reminder a day before and treat it like any paid program you signed up for.

3. Set up your retreat space

Make sure you have a cozy and quiet place available just for you, where no one can disturb you. Clear your practice space and have everything handy, yoga mat, cozy blankets, pillows, journal, your headphones, etc. Open windows for some fresh air or set up your perfect room temperature. Light up your favorite candle or palo santo, use essential oils, take your favorite crystals or organize an altar if you like. In other words, create an inspiring environment - so you can’t wait to start meditating.
4. Turn off your phone

Tell your friends and family that you will be unavailable at the time of your retreat, turn off your phone and let your brain go into a digital detox. As per eMarketer, the average US adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices daily. Use this time to reconnect with yourself instead.

5. Prep your meals

Think about light and nutritious meals ahead, so you don’t have to stress about it during your practice time. The cleaner your meals the easier it is to stay focused during your practice and the sharper your intuition. Don’t forget about your hydration and drink plenty of water.

6. Think through your practice schedule in advance

In traditional retreats, participants have a set routine for the entire day. Keep that in mind when planning your retreat at home. Consider activities that will fill your day, such as yoga and meditation in the morning, then breakfast and free time, then meditation practice, reading, dinner, evening mantra chanting, warm bath, and bedtime.

Your retreat flow is the key to your inner work and transformation. Each practice should be carefully planned to deepen your experience and work with your intention from a different perspective. Step by step, from practice to practice you can unveil new layers within yourself and connect to yourself on a deeper level. Here you can find pre-set guided retreat flows to support your at-home practice. These programs include yoga, mantra chanting, breathwork, dance therapy, journaling, sound healing, and more.

7. Make your at-home retreats a regular practice

Meditation is the main practice for connecting with your inner source of wisdom. It allows you to relax, calm your mind and increase your awareness. Regular retreats are a great way to realign the internal navigation system that will lead you to your highest potential. They are also critical to your mental health and well-being.

The best part about home retreats is that you create your unique experience and with these simple steps you are ready to have a blissful, relaxing time and make your soul happy!

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