The Law Of Attraction: What Is It And How It Works
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The law of attraction is a philosophy many people live by. You may have heard people talking about manifestation and how you can attract everything you desire into your life.

But does the law of attraction really work? And if it does, why doesn’t everyone use it to have the life of their dreams?

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a universal spiritual belief that you can attract things into your life through the power of your own mind. If you give positive thoughts and energy to something, it will eventually come into your life. The same goes for negative things and experiences.

The law of attraction became widely popular thanks to the movie The Secret (2006). This is an Australian-American documentary demonstrating the belief that people can have everything they desire using the power of manifestation.

The Secret was then released as a book too which people still buy and read and start believing in the ideology of manifestation.

And while the law of attraction became popular in the past few years and there are hundreds of influencers and YouTubers talking about it online, the idea behind the law of attraction may have been first introduced by Buddha. “What we think, we become” is essentially what the law of attraction is all about.

The philosophy behind the law of attraction exists in many religions and spiritual practices but it is put differently in all of them.

What Is The Law of Attraction?
How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The way the law of attraction works is actually quite simple. Whatever we have in life is the result of our thoughts. If you want to have something in your life, you should think about it and work for it.

When we think about something, we send energy toward it. The vibrations you create and the energy and attention you give to things make them come into your life.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

If you feel like the law of attraction is something you truly believe in, start incorporating it into your life. Here are a few things you can start doing to use the power of attraction.

  1. Visualize. Visualization is one of the core techniques when using the law of attraction. It is used to train your mind and reprogram it. Imagining your goals already complete prepares your mind and body for the experience. Visualizing your dreams in vivid details helps you use the powder of your subconscious mind and gets you excited for the future.
  2. Practice gratitude. Being grateful for the positive things you have in life attracts more of them.
  3. Think positively. Positive thinking is a must if you want to bring the law of attraction into your life. Positive thinking attracts positive things and people into our lives.
  4. Identify negative thinking patterns. Thinking positively is not enough. You should also learn to recognize negative thoughts. Identifying negative thinking patterns helps you avoid negative feelings and emotions and deal with them in a healthier way.
  5. Use affirmations. Using affirmations is another easy way to work with the law of attraction. You can use positive affirmations for all areas and situations of your life.
How To Use The Law Of Attraction
Tips For Practicing The Law Of Attraction

Here are a few tips to help you start practicing the law of attraction.

1. Create a vision board
Create a vision board that represents your goals and wishes. Put it somewhere where you will see it very often. Hang it on a wall in your room, put it on your desk, or set it as phone wallpaper. Seeing your goals often will help you stay motivated and engage your subconscious mind.

2. Journal
Journaling is another great tool to use when you are trying to practice the law of attraction. You can use different journaling techniques, including writing down your goals and using manifestation prompts.

3. Focus on what you want
When you are trying to attract more good into your life, focus on what you have instead of constantly thinking about what you don’t have.

4. Say ‘yes’ more often
Say ‘yes’ more often to positive things and good opportunities. The law of attraction is not only about what you think but also what you act for.

5. Act as if you already have it
Acting as if you already have the things you want to have is one of the best ways to manifest. If you want to be rich, act as if you already are. If you want a particular car, close your eyes and visualize it in the smallest detail.
Tips For Practicing The Law Of Attraction
Things You Should Know About The Law Of Attraction

We all know life can be hard sometimes. Finding out about something that can help you overcome hardships and help you create the life of your dreams is such a relief.

And while the law of attraction can help you do this, there are important things you should know about it to avoid disappointment and discouragement. Now knowing what exactly the law of attraction is exactly why many people fail to benefit from it.

  • The law of attraction is not magic. Many people make the mistake to think that the law of attraction is magic and it will solve all their problems and make them have whatever they want to have. In order to attract things into your life, you also have to act.
  • You should be mindful when manifesting things. You should be mindful of your thoughts and what you are attracting into your life.
  • The law of attraction works if you commit. The law of attraction is not a one-time practice. You should commit to it and make it a part of your lifestyle. Most importantly, you should believe in what you are doing.
  • You should have goals for the law of attraction to work. It is important to have specific goals whenever you are implementing the law of attraction.
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