How To Meditate With Tarot Cards (And Why)
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You may have heard about tarot cards and how people use them to predict the future. Many even consult these cards before making important decisions in life. And while the latter may become an unhealthy addiction, tarot cards can be beneficial if used right and consciously.

Recently, many people have started using tarot cards for meditation and mindfulness. How to use tarot cards to avoid becoming obsessed with them? And how to keep it a healthy practice?

In this article, we will explore how tarot cards and mindfulness are connected, and how to use tarot cards for meditation.
Fortune teller doing tarot cards reading also using pink quartz healing crystals and magic spell
What Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are a form of cartomancy. They feature a pack of playing cards that were used in different parts of Europe to play games. While people still play games with these cards, they are now more widely used for card reading.

Tarot cards are popularly associated with fortune-telling. However, those who know how to use these cards also claim that they help gain insight into the past and present too.

There are two types of cards in tarot. There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The difference between the two types of tarot cards is that the Major Arcana ones imply events and characters of big importance. The Minor ones, on the other hand, stand for issues that you will need to handle.

Aside from interpreting the cards, an important part of the tarot practice is setting intentions.

You should always have a clear answer in mind why you are reading tarot cards. Make sure your intentions are healthy and don’t have the chance to lead you to anxiety, stress, or obsession with this practice. So, here comes mindfulness of your own actions.

But tarot cards are not solely about fortune-telling. In recent years, these cards are being used for various meditation and mindfulness practices.
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How To Use Tarot Cards In Meditation?

There are many different types of meditation practices, including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, yoga meditation, etc. And as meditation is becoming popular among people, they are coming up with new tools and techniques for it. So, tarot cards became another tool for meditation.

Even if you don’t know much about these cards, you can find your own way of using them for meditation. The important thing is setting a goal of revealing your inner conflicts, overcoming stress and anxiety, and becoming more mindful of yourself.

You can start with a simple practice of pulling out one card from the deck every day and reading it. Spend some time looking at the card, pay attention to what you see and any emotions that come to the surface. Can you find any connections with current events in your life? Let your subconscious do the work. Then, give yourself 10 minutes to interpret and think about what you feel about the card writing. And while you do this, don’t forget to breathe deep and slow and engage in meditative thinking.

Meditation With A Tarot Card – Step-by-Step Instructions

If you are new to tarot cards and want to try using them for mediation, here is another practice that requires only one tarot card. Here’s what you should do.
the Ten of Wands card from the deck of tarot cards. It is a Minor Arcana card.

1. Get the Ten of Wands card from the deck of tarot cards. It is a Minor Arcana card. The picture on this card represents a man carrying heavy wands. Thus, it symbolizes the burden and responsibility a person carries.

2. Look at the Ten of Wands card and think of yourself as the man carrying the heavy wands.

3. Think of 10 things that are heavy on you – your workload, responsibilities, conflicts, tasks you have to take care of, etc. Think of things that prevent you from being your best energetic self.

4. Then, envision yourself getting rid of those heavy wands, i.e. the burdens you have in life.

Each card is archetypal and has as many meanings as many people are looking at this card. Card interpretations are completely in the eyes of the beholder and the same card can trigger different reactions in different participants.

As you learn this tool, look deeper for more insights. You can always develop your train of thought on the card and take it one step further. For example, if we take another look at the Ten of Wands card, we can see the village on the horizon that represents the final goal for the man, he is about to reach his destination and get rewarded. Or one might think that he is carrying too much weight on himself and the point he is trying to get is not worth it and he should free up and let go of it? There are small leaves on the wands. Do you think it means that finally, his hard efforts are starting to pay off, and soon all the planted seeds of his efforts will be in full bloom? As you explore each card ask yourself these types of questions and reflect on what kind of feeling you experience. And remember, the card expresses itself through your intuition, listen to yourself and your inner guide.

You can do this practice with any card from the deck. You can select a Tarot card randomly or based on a particular topic that is top of mind. For example, if you want to attract love into your life, you may select the Two of Cups or the Lovers.
Tarot Cards And Self-Awareness

Tarot cards can be used as a tool for self-analysis. With the help of these cards, you bring light to different aspects of your life. And once this happens, you start analyzing it and contemplating for yourself whether you are fully happy with what you have in life or if there are things you would want to change.

Coming face-to-face with certain issues is what helps people admit the problem they have and start looking for solutions or the cause of that problem.

So, tarot cards can be a helpful practice for people who are having a hard time facing the negative aspects of their life. But unlike some other practices, tarot cards are not as overwhelming and don’t cause a lot of anxiety.
woman covering her face with a fn made of metaphoric tarot cards
The Mental Health Benefits Of Tarot Cards

While tarot cards can be an alternative way to practice mindfulness, enhance self-awareness, and ease anxiety, they are not for everyone. Some people can’t use tarot cards because of their religious beliefs or simply because they don’t believe in tarot cards. Additionally, you should remember that such practices as tarot cards used for meditation can never replace therapy.

With this said, if you are not skeptical about tarot cards and are open to trying them as a new method for practicing mindfulness, it may have quite a few benefits for your mental health.
woman meditating with tarot cards and burning sage smudge bundle
  • Tarot cards can help start a dialogue.
These cards may help you start a dialogue with not only yourself but with a friend, a family member, partner, etc. They help bring out concerns and things you are happy with. They can be the driving force for discussing various situations.

  • Tarot cards can become a part of your therapy.
If you are dealing with mental health issues and going through therapy, these cards can be a way of easing anxiety and stress. Note that tarot cards are not a solution and you should still continue visiting a specialist.

  • Practicing mindfulness with tarot cards can become a part of your soul care.
With all their benefits, tarot cards can be successfully included in your soul care routine. Just like you have steps for self-care, you can have tarot cards added to your soul care as a unique practice of meditation and mindfulness.

While tarot cards are often considered mystical, when used mindfully they can become a useful tool to help you find answers. Think of it as metaphoric cards that are used by therapists, mental health professionals, and holistic life coaches around the world. Just like metaphoric cards, tarot cards can open up a door into one's inner world. Associations created by looking at the cards can reveal memories, struggles, and blocked emotions, that you can work through during your meditative practice to gain an understanding of the cards’ messages and find relief.


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