How To Boost Creativity With Meditation

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No matter what profession you have, you need to come up with creative solutions on a daily basis. It is not only people who work in arts that need to have enhanced creativity. Whether you are a digital marketer, graphic designer, copywriter, teacher, or waiter, life will keep putting you in situations when you need to think creatively.

Luckily, creativity is a skill that can be developed in many ways. And did you know that meditation is one of them?

Continue reading to learn how meditation works to enhance creativity and what are some ways to develop and improve it with mindfulness meditation.
how meditation works to enhance creativity and what are some ways to develop and improve it with mindfulness meditation.
Does Meditation Boost Creativity?
It is believed that the right side of the brain is more creative and imaginative. The left brain, on the other hand, is more analytical and logical.

To stimulate the right brain, i.e. creativity, many people start participating in such activities as dancing, freewriting, acting, drawing, etc. But few people know that a practice like meditation can boost creativity too.

When it comes to boosting creative thinking, meditation works with the brain as a whole, involving both hemispheres. But how exactly does it stimulate creativity?

When we meditate, our minds and bodies become calm and we become more focused. We are able to push to the side all the different thoughts that we have when we don’t meditate. Getting rid of all these thoughts even for a short period of time clears space in the mind. This is where creativity thrives.

Here’s how meditation boosts creativity.
1. When the body and mind get into a meditative state, the brain waves slow down. The slow theta or delta waves are associated with creativity. This is the primary scientific reason that proves that meditation does, in fact, aid creative thinking.
2. Meditation helps you fully relax. The state of pure relaxation is exactly when inspiration hits you. While it is possible to come up with creative ideas when you are busy, many people need to be relaxed and have a clear head to think outside the box.
3. Meditation makes you feel less anxious. Decreased anxiety is another factor that makes your creative side bloom.
Does Meditation Boost Creativity?
Mindfulness Meditation For Creativity
Different types of meditation exist. While they are all good for reducing stress and anxiety and improving focus, mindfulness meditation seems to be a winner when it comes to meditating for creativity. Such major companies as Google have even incorporated it into their employee wellness programs to make employees less stressed and more creative.

The reason why mindfulness meditation is specifically good for enhancing creativity is actually very simple and logical.

When practicing mindfulness meditation, we become non-judgemental and less stressed about the thoughts and feelings we have. We watch these thoughts come and go and are able to focus on the present moment. While all this looks rather simple, this type of meditation aids creativity in different ways.

Mindfulness meditation develops skills that are central to developing creative thinking.

· Mindfulness meditation makes us open to new ideas.
· It enhances our brain function and improves attention and concentration.
· Practicing mindfulness meditation regularly makes you less stressed and anxious.
· Mindfulness teaches us to react to negative thoughts in a healthy and rational way.

All these benefits are linked to thinking creatively. Engaging the entire brain, meditation is a powerful tool for training the skill of creative thinking.
Mindfulness Meditation For Creativity
How To Meditate To Boost Creativity
Whether you are meditating to aid the creative workflow or to enjoy other benefits of meditation, the process of practicing mindfulness meditation is always the same.

Here’s how you do it:
1. Sit comfortably and relax.
2. Pay close attention to your body and how it feels.
3. Stay focused on the present moment and bring your focus back whenever your mind starts to wander.
4. Focus on your breath.
5. End the meditation after 10-12 minutes.
4 Tips To Boost Creativity With Meditation
4 Tips To Boost Creativity With Meditation
Doing mindfulness meditation for just 10 minutes a day will help you boost your creative thinking skills. Here are more tips to help you become more creative in a mindful way.

1. Try guided meditation. Guided meditations for creativity are a great place to start if you are new to meditating. Having an expert guide you through this process will make it a lot more efficient. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily practice meditation on your own

2. Meditate in silence. While guided meditations and group meditations are good for enhancing creative thinking, switch to silent meditation from time to time. Sometimes you need total silence to come up with creative ideas.

3. Practice open monitoring. This implies focusing on the present moment including on the thoughts that distract you. Noticing and accepting these distractions and letting them go without going too deep into them is an amazing way to improve your thinking skills.
4. Stay mindful. If being creative is a big part of your job, staying mindful of yourself and your surroundings even when you are not meditating is a helpful skill to master. Taking a mindful route even when doing such simple day-to-day activities as eating will gradually improve your creative thinking skills.

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