Women’s History Month 2023: Mindfulness As A Key To Success
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Women’s History Month is celebrated in the month of March since 1987. It is a month-long celebration of the vital role of women in history. This is the month to celebrate women’s achievements, honor the women of the past and encourage the women of the present that are working hard to create a better future in whatever form they are doing it.

There are many ways to celebrate Women’s History Month. Learning the history of women’s rights, spreading awareness of problems women across the world face, celebrating achievements of successful women, supporting women’s organizations – this is how we usually celebrate Women’s History Month.

But there are little things every woman can do to celebrate her month. To make herself feel happy, worthy, and confident. Here at we preach mindfulness. And we call all women to make mindfulness a part of their routine as a way to celebrate Women’s History Month and all the achievements and success that will come with it.
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Why Women Need Mindfulness More Than Men

Everyone needs mindfulness, we don’t discriminate. But as we are celebrating Women’s History Month, let’s highlight the significance of practicing mindfulness for women.

There are many reasons why women need mindfulness more than men. Research shows that women multitask more than men. This has to do with the fact that a modern woman is often a wife, mom, and employee all at the same time. Even if you are a full-time mom or a housewife, you surely practice multi-tasking daily.

Additionally, being more emotional than men, women tend to worry a lot more. This leads to increased levels of anxiety and stress for women.

For these exact reasons, it is important for every woman to allocate at least a few minutes a day to mindfulness practices. By becoming more mindful, women can perform their daily tasks a lot more efficiently. They will also learn to control their emotions and keep stress and anxiety levels under control.
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Mindfulness As The Ultimate Success Habit For Women

Women’s History Month is the time of the year when we celebrate successful women and their achievements. But what is the key to every woman’s success? How can every woman foster success?

There are many success rules to embody, such as keeping yourself healthy, being persistent, doing things out of love and not money, not dwelling on the past but learning from it, etc. While all these principles are true and worth following, we want to highlight mindfulness as the ultimate key to success for women.

Here are seven reasons why mindfulness might be every woman’s key to a successful and peaceful life. Make it your goal this month to practice mindfulness regularly and see how you benefit from it.
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1. Happiness
Whatever it is that you are doing in life, remember that your goal is to be happy. Daily mindfulness practices reduce stress levels, make you aware of your thoughts and emotions, and lead to acceptance.

All these things bring you a feeling of unconditional happiness. This means feeling happy regardless of the circumstances you are in and despite the negative experiences you may have in life.

2. Improved Decision Making
We can all agree that successful people make smart decisions. And we can also all agree that women are more emotional than men. In many cases, the latter prevents a person from making optimal decisions.

Regular mindfulness practices make the process of making decisions more thoughtful. You learn not to react to things impulsively. And even if you need to resolve an issue immediately, being mindful helps you take the smarter route.

3. Authority
Successful women have a greater influence on others. How does this relate to mindfulness, you may wonder.

One of the best ways to gain influence over people is to understand them. Deeply. When you understand people and their feelings, you can meet their needs more easily, and make them meet your needs too. Mindfulness fosters our empathy which eventually leads to gaining authority.

If you are one ambitious woman with a goal to conquer the world, keep this in mind. :)
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4. Increased Energy Levels
You may be full of motivation and inspired to do big things but still have no energy to actually do something. If you have ever felt this, it’s high time you started thinking of making mindfulness a habit.

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to leave your stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts aside. Once you finish the practice, you will find yourself at peace and more productive.

5. Focus On The Present
One of the most important things mindfulness meditation will teach you is to focus on the present moment. Sometimes the reason we fail to succeed is that we dwell on the past too much.

In addition to this, almost every woman has to take care of a lot of things at once. As a result, it often becomes too challenging to focus on the present. Regular mindfulness practices are an efficient way to learn to do so.

6. Emotional Intelligence
As noted earlier in this article, women tend to be more emotional than men. And while we are built like this by nature, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to keep things under control.

Emotional intelligence, which is the ability to manage and regulate our emotions, can be improved through mindfulness practices too. Mindfulness meditation makes us aware of our emotions and what triggers affect them.
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7. Getting Your Priorities Straight
Success always comes when you know how to set your priorities right. Mindfulness helps you get your priorities straight as it teaches you what is truly important to you. Sometimes things we consider to be urgent shouldn’t be accomplished before things that align more with our goals.

Most importantly, mindfulness teaches you that being present is the biggest priority. Everything else comes after it.

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